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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Federation Trade Biggest Impact on Life today Women's Suffrage National Identity Defence Women's Suffrage doesn't have as big as an impact as Defence because it is not such a bigissue in life today.Defence has the biggest impacton life today because no matter what safety is the most important out of the four social forces. The most Historial Significance Most Influential for Federation Women's Suffrage Defence is has the biggestimpact on life today becausesafety is the number one priority and the protection of Australia. The Federation of Australia was when the six separate British self-governing colonies, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, and Western Australia came together and formed one nation. Defence Women's Suffrage National Identity Women's Suffrage had the most Historical Significance because nowadays womens suffrage isn't such a big deal, women are equal just as much as men and they have a lot more freedom. National Identity has had a lot of Historical Significance but not as but Significance as Women's Suffrage because there is pretty much no women's suffrage anymore and it is more important then National Identity. to preserve the security and integrity of these colonies that the whole of their forces shoe be amalgamated into one great federal armyDoes Law concern Women? Yes! When they are required to obey it. No! When they ask to have a voice in the representation of the country.There should be no difference between, say Victoriaand New South Wales, then there is in the Great Britain between Somerset and Yorkshire. All artificial barriers to trade and interchange between the federated colonies are to be removed, so that commerce may be free to flow through its natural channels.
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