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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. -For-Needed to strengthen government, to get things done, and to fix other flaws of the Articles of Confederation -Against-Feared states would lose power and influence because of it, thought that people would lose their liberties Views on Constitution Views on Bill of Rights Views on Powerful central government vs powerful state government -Against-Not needed, Constitution would adequately protect people's rights -For-Needed to adequately protect people's rights, constitution didn't do it will enough -Powerful state government close to people was more in the vision of democracy for the AntiFederalists-This way people had more power-government couldn't rule like Britain did -Wanted a powerful central government-Week government didn't keep the nation together enough-Things didn't get done with the Articles on Confederation Views on Articles of Confederation -Ineffective-Congress could not adequately get cooperation from states Views on size of the nation -Articles only needed to be amended, not thrown out -Large republic would protect individual freedoms the best - A small republic could be the only thing that would protect rights Type of supporter, general and specific Views on executive branch -Smaller farmers, many times from rural areas -Few rich people in the antifederalist party-George Mason-William Randolph-elbridge gerry -Mostly large farmers/ plantation owners, merchants, artisans, people that can make more money-George Washington-Benjamin Franklin-John Jay -Needed for unity and cohesiveness-Wanted to be "energetic" -Feared that a single executive would become to strong. -One Federal executive is exactly what the anti-federalists would not want Federalists vs. Antifederalists Copyright 2014 Random Fedora Publishing Co. Resources:,, mindMs. Mccrory Other bits and pieces of info form the internet and our S.S. book
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