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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Federalists Anti-Federalists Federalist VS. Anti-Federalist VS. They liked the idea of a strong central government. They didnt want the states to lose their power. Constitution Bill of Rights They didn't think the bill of rights was needed. They felt a strong central government would take away the liberties they fought for in the war. They supported the bill of rights. They liked that it gave the states more power. They liked the idea of a strong central government. Powerful State vs. Powerful Central Government Articles of Confederation They felt the Articles were ineffective and not strong enough. Size of Nation They felt large nations would support individualism. They felt small nations would support individual rights. Type of Supporters They were wealthier people such as merchants and large farmers. They were mostly people from rural areas such as small farmers. There were important people such as Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison-writers of the Federalist Papers. There were important people such as Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and Richard Henry Lee. Executive Branch In the Federalist Papers, it is argued that the Executive Branchis a main factor for energy and safety. They didn't support it. They supported it. Sources: Federalist & Antifederalist Positions Federalist No. 70 (summary)Essay by Alexander Hamilton The American JourneyText Book They feared it would turn into something similar to a monarchy. By:Luke Felsberg Alexander Hamilton Thomas Jefferson
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