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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 NAACP and its role to reverse the Plessy decision NAACP and its role to reverse the Plessy decision Supreme Court Supreme Court The United States Supreme,with certain rules established by congress, each year hearsa limited number of cases that gets sent to them. These cases can begin in federal or state courts, andthey involve important questions about the constitution or federal law. State Supreme Court State Supreme Courts responsibility is to correctthe errors the minor statecourts. It exclusively hears appealson legal issues from state trial courts. If the State supreme court finds anerror , they will return the case for a fresh trial. State Trial Courts State courts handle legal casessuch as civil or crime casesthat fall under their ownjurisdiction. Each state has different kindsof precedents, methods ,and statutes. They can be overruled by federal courts or the constitution and are headed by each states attorneygeneral. NAACP NAACP Court of Claims U.S Court of Appeals hearsappeals from the district courtslocated within one of the 12 circuits. also, the court has nation wide jurisdiction to hearappeals in special cases , such as those involving patent laws and cases decided by the Court of International Tradeand the Court of Federal Claims. The Court of Federal Claimsresponsibility is to hear primarily money claims founded upon the constitution,federal statutes, executive regulations, or contracts within the united states. many cases before the court involvetax refund suits ,in which the court exercises their jurisdiction with the U.S district courts. U.S District Courts The U.S District Courts haveJuristiction to hear nearly alldiffrent kinds of federal cases, including both civil and criminal matters.Every day hundreds of peopleacross the nation are selectedfor jury duty and help decidesome of these cases. Court of Military Appeals The U.S Court of MilitaryAppeal is responsiblefor reviewing decisions of lower military courts on criminal matters and court-martial convictions from allmilitary services . This is the civilian appellate tribunal andhighest military court. Court of International Trade The U.S Court of international trade is authorized to hear cases arising anywhere in the nation. also it can hold hearings in foreign countries.the court can decide any civil action against the U.S or its officers or agencies arising out of any law pertaining to international trade.The USCIT has the power to grant any appropriate relief , including money judgments , writs of mandamus ,and injunctions.