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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1-rated Calls * When quoting the total dividends reinvested in the caller's Franklin Mutual Quest Fund, therepresentative stated that the amount of $8,113.76 did not include long-term or short-term capital gains; the shareholder accounting system indicates that this amount included short-term capital gains of $3,376.27. Also, after helping the caller access his account online, the representative stated that the caller could go to his 2014 year-end statement to see what the caller thought he needed to enter in the boxes versus that the year-end statement would not include all of the classifications that the caller would need to report the amounts correctly. * When providing the information from the caller's 2013 Form 1099-DIV, the representative did not provide the information in boxes 2a and 2b.* Representative was not organized. (After providing the total dividends and long-term capital gains for the Franklin Mutual Quest Fund, the representative began to provide information for the caller's second fund by stating, "And for the Franklin Mutual Quest, Class Z." After being questioned by the caller, the representative confirmed that he had just provided information for the Franklin Mutual Quest Fund and would be providing the caller with the information for the Franklin Mutual Shares Fund. Also, after the caller asked to confirm which amounts should go in each box, the representative explained, "What you should exactly put in there is going to be between you and your tax advisor." He was then corrected by the caller, who said that the amounts he needed to enter would be provided by Franklin Templeton on Form 1099-DIV. Additionally, when explaining that the online password could not include special characters, the representative used "etc." as the example of a special character. The caller later determined that his password was not accepted because he was using special characters. The representative also twice stated that after hitting Next, the caller could sign up for eDelivery and explained how to decline eDelivery. After the caller explained that he was being asked to "agree to terms," the representative then stated that eDelivery would be the next option.)- Representative did not communicate understanding. (Caller had to request several times the amounts for the boxes on Form 1099-DIV.) Yes, this feedbackis all from one call.
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