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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Professional Qualities JL Cleaver @ a Glance JL is a Freelance Writer & Comedian who prides himself on his use of journalism, social media and story-tellingto engage & inspire his audience while increasing readership for his clients. Techy Stuff Writing & Editing I am an adept and versatile writer with experience in writing ghost blogs, press releases,biographies & "about sections", copy, synopses& summaries.Writing is not only my livelihoodit is my passion and I strive to producemy highest quality writing for every projectin which I am involved. Research & Journalism Nothing is more important to me than communicating engaging content accurately, which is why I employthorough fact-mining to create one-of-a-kind articlesthat build brand loyalty & trust with your readers. In Touch with Toronto I lead a very active social life, which immersesme in Toronto culture;comedy, indie music, theatre, &gastronomic experiences are all importantaspects of my daily life.Few things bring me greater joy than sharing myexperiences through journalism. As a career writer, I take pride inconducting business in a professionalmanner to foster ongoing partnerships and producequality, creative, and punctual work every time. I possess advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite & know my way around iOSto offer my clients professional quality documentsin the formats they're accustomed to.I'm also proficient in most social media platforms,allowing me to offer social media managementservices to our clients.
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