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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Professional Qualities JL Cleaver @ a Glance JL is a Freelance Writer & Comedian who prides himself on his use of journalism, social media and story-tellingto engage & inspire his audience while increasing readership for his clients. Techy Stuff Writing & Editing I am an adept and versatile writer with expereince in writing blogs, press releases,biographies, copy, synopses & recommendations.Writing is not only my livelihoodit is my passion and I strive to producemy highest quality writing for every projectin which I am involved. I possess advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite & know my way around iOS tooto offer my clientsprofessional quality documents in the formats to which they are accostumed. 78.29% 93.65% 79.36% 95.21% 99% Research & Journalism *Note: percentages are fordemonstration purposes only. Nothing is more important to me than communicating engaging content accurately, which is why I employthorough fact mining to create one-of-a-kind articlesthat build brand loyalty & trust with your readers. In Touch with Toronto I lead a very active social life, which immersesme in Toronto culture;comedy, indie music, theatre, &gastronomic experiences are all importantaspects of my daily life.Few things bring me greater joy than to share myexperiences through journalism. As a career writer, I take pride inconducting business in a professionalmanner to foster ongoing partnerships and producequality, creative, and punctual work every time.
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