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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Feathertail Glider Distribution & Habitat Physical Characteristics Adaptations (Acrobates pygmaeus) Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Infraclass: Marsupialia Order: Diprotodontia Suborder: Phalangerida Family: Acrobatidae Genus: AcrobatesSpecies: A. pygmaeus Found in most treed habitats of EasternAustralia includingrainforests, backyardsand parks Has a mouse-sized body with grey-brown fur on the back and a white underside. The distinctive tail is quill-like and hairless except for a fringe of long stiff hairs down either side that resemble a feather. Head-body length: 6.5-8 cmTail length: 7-8 cmWeight: 10-15 grams The feathertail glider has a narrow glidingmembrane, known as a patagium, which consists of a fold of skin that stretches between the limbs and which is retractedwhen not in use They can glide up to 25-30 meters. The tips of its toes are expanded and have deeplyridged grooves which provide traction and grip while climbing smooth Eucalyptus trees in theirhabitat. They can even run up vertical planes of glass They are known to nest inartificial nest boxes such aselectric meter boxes andtelephone junction boxes,allowing them to adapt tothe increasing human encroachment into their habitat Compared to that of other glidingpossums, the patagium of the feathertail glider has a relativelysmall surface area, but its effectivesize is increased by a fringe ofhairs along its edges. They are marsupials - the femalescarry newborns in a pouch as they are too tiny to survive. Scientific name comes because of their acrobatic abilities. They are nocturnal & spendup to 87% of their time intrees at heights > 15 m Not a threatened species The relatively flat tail provides an increased surface area for gliding.It is a prehensile tail helping it to grip when it is in the trees. Its large eyes help it to navigate about its complexenvironment even in dark The arrangement of muscles in the patagium differs from that ofother gliding possums, indicatingthat the feathertail gliders abilityto glide evolved independentlyfrom other gliding possums
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