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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 to The Lord of the Flies: Fear In the middle of the scar he stood on his head and grubbed at the reversed fat boy. No grownups!’” (Ralph, 8) In the Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, the young boys struggle to conceal their fears to make them seem brave and powerful. This point in the beginning of the story, Ralph doesnt show fear at all, but he really should be. He is a kid and doesnt notice that no grownups is a very bad thing. This shows that Ralph might be trying to brave in front of the other boys. There was no place for standing on ones head.This time Ralph expressed the intensity of hisemption by pretending to knock Simon down…”(27) Ralph shows his fake bravery by not being scared in situations that he should be scared in. They knew very well why he hadnt: because of the enormity of the knife descending and cutting into living flesh: becauseof the unbearable blood (31). Jack doesnt kill the pig because he second-guesses himself, and honestly, is just plain scaredtoo. This shows that Jack might not be as brave as he lets on. “‘Noticed what?’ Well. Theyre frightened. He rolled overand peered into Jacks fierce and dirty face. I mean theway things are. They dream. You can hear em’” (Jack and Ralph, 52). Ralph is telling Jack how all the others are extremely scared.They are scared of the whole situation and they are scared of the island.This shows that everyone has a fear, whether it is shown or not. “‘Ive got the conch. Im not talking about the fear.Im talking about the beast. Be frightened if you like. But as for the beast—‘“ (Jack, 83) Jack feels as if the fear everyone has isnt real.He doesnt believe in the beast being real, therefore noone should be afraid. This shows Jacks bravery andleadership, but also maybe shows that he is scared too,but doesnt want to admit it. “‘Youre a hunter. (Ralph) Jack went red. I know. All right(Jack, 104). Here, we see again a moment where Jack is frightened ofthe beast. Ralph confronted Jack about this fear, but Jackdidnt want to accept it himself. Jack is still trying to seembrave, but is struggling with it himself. “”Frightened?’ (Jack) Course Im frightened. Who wouldntbe?’” (Ralph, 100) Jack tries to round up people to find and kill this beast and noone wants to go. Jack tries to sound brave and ask Ralph if he isscared, but Ralph tells the truth and says yes. This shows that thisbravery show Jack is showing might not of been all that true. “‘Why dont you go? Are you frightened?” (121) Jack tries to test Ralph and ask him if he is scared. Whenreally in this situation, Jack was really the scared one butdidnt want to admit it. This shows still how childish andscared Jack is. All at once they were running away, as fast as they could,through the forest toward the open beach. (137) Jacks tribe kills a pig a sticks the pig head on a stick. The boystake in the image of the pig head on the stick, and soon all becomereally scared of it, and then sprint away. This shows that these boysmay be having trouble being brave because after all, they are just boys. “‘I wasnt scared, said Ralph slowly, I wasI dont know what I was’” (Ralph, 156). Ralph and Piggy are discussing Simons death. Piggy tries to blame the attack on fear, but Ralph says that he wasnt scared. This is another timewhen one of the boys tries to be braver than they actually are. By: Mary Brandon Harrell
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