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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 New World Oceania vs. Oceania New World PoliticalDevelopment Oceania is a region of the world consisting of many islands in the Pacific ocean and the New World is what we know as Canada, North America and South America. Both Limitations NotCentralized Zijada Hajric B5 Centralized government EconomicDevelopment Communication American tribes. have a clear defined Even though they didn't government they had a head ruler who looked over everyone. Dominant Ruler There were many different territiories so there was never one government or group of people. For example the different Native Due to the fact that Oceania was primarily many different islands it was difficult for the inhabitants to communicate with eachother, leaving them unable to form a government or any type of economy. Isolation Travel In the New World it was very easy to travel because North America is one giant piece of land. But it was inconvenient because it was so large and has differenttime zones and geography Both Oceania and the New World were isolated from the West but were brought out of that isolation when introduced into the trading system. Espeially in southern America where they grew corn and in Oceania where they have lots of wool, they relied heavily on agriculture to meet their needs. Banking Oceania had a strong governing body that was severly limited due to the many islands causing a geographic barrier. Weak Economy Agriculture Base The Aztecs were able to figure out a way to have a tax collection system and the Inca had the Quipu writing system. The major reason why Oceania had a weak economy was because they never figured out a banking system so they couldn't collect tax or tribute
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