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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fatal Decisions Timeline European Early 1900's-European Tensions:Tensions rose through nationalism, militarism, and alliances. 1882-Triple Alliance:Consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. 1907-Triple Entente:Consisted of France, Russia, and Great Britain. 1914-Tensions again:Its great economic imperial powers were tied in military treaties. June 28, 1914-Assassination:Archduke of Austria-Hungary was assassinated. July 23, 1914-List of Demands:Austria-Hungary presented a list of demands to Serbia. July 28, 1914: A-H War:Austria-Hungary declareswar on Serbia. 1914-Europe at War:Europe was plunged into the war due totheir alliances. 1914-Enormous Casualties:Suffered many casualtiesbecause of the Great War. 1914-1917-Virtual Stalemate:Due to the casualties the warsettled on a virtual stalemate. February 1915-German blockade:Germany used unrestricted sumbarine warfare to preventsupplies from reaching Britain. May 1, 1915-Lusitania set sail:British passenger liner sailed. May 7, 1915-Lusitania sunk:German U-boat torpedoed theLusitania. March 1916-Sussex:German submarine attackpassenger ship Suzzex. March 1916-Sussex pleadge:German gov pledged to avoidunrestricted submarine warfare. August 1916-Pless Conference:Conference to reconsider theGerman position. January 8&9, 1917-2nd Pless Conference:Continuation of unrestrictedsumbarine warfare was requested. US July 28, 1914-Wilson neutrality:President Wilson declared USneutrality. May 7-1915-Outraged by Lusitania:The US people were outraged and wanted to withdrawl neutrality. January 31, 1917-US informed about sumbarines:US gov was informed U-boat attacks would resume. February 3, 1917-USS Housatonic:USS Housatonic was sunk. February 3. 1917-US broke relations:US broke relations becauseof the sinking of Housatonic. April 1917-Sank Allied shipping:German sumbarines sank 900,000of Allied shipping. April 2, 1917-Wilson asks for war:Wilson requested declaration for waron Germany. April 6, 1917-US goes to war:Congress provided declarationto go to war.
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