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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 European Tensions (late 1800's 1900's)Nationalism and militarism created tension among European nations Europe Triple Alliance (1882)The Austro-Hungarian Empire,Germany,and Italy formed the Triple alliance. Triple Entente (1907)Great Britain,France,and Russia formed an alliance. Tensions Again (1914)Economic and imperial powers plus modern armies led to more binding military treaties. Assassination (June 28,1914)Archduke Francis Ferdinand,heir to theAustria-Hungary throne was assassinated by a Serbian Nationalist. A-H List of Demands (July 23, 1914)Following the Archdukes death Austria-Hungarygave Serbia a list of demands concerning the crime and if they didn't comply they would face war. A-H War (July 24,1914)The serbs did not comply with the list so Austria-Hungary declared war on serbia. Europe at War (1914)Because of the alliances set in placeall of Europe was at war within a weekand the US declared Neutrality. Enormous Casualties (End of 1914)By the end of 1914 both the central Powers and the Allies had suffered huge casualties. Virtual Stalemate (1914-1917)By the end of 1914 the war had settled into stalemate and stayed that way for three years. Blockade of Germany (February 1915)The British used their Naval power to blockade Germany. Germany retaliated with unrestricted submarine warfare. Lusitania set sail (May 1,1915)The British passenger liner Lusitaniaset for England from New York. Lusitania sunk (May 7,1915)A German U-boat off of Ireland sunk the Lusitania with a torped. Sussex (March 1915)A unarmed French Passenger liner namedthe Sussex was attacked by a germansubmarine. Sussex Pledge (March 1916)This pledge committed Germany to avoidunrestricted submarine warfare.The pledgewas honored till August 1916.
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