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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fatal Desicion Creator: Justin Cazalet 1882 1907 1914 1915 1916 1919 May 20 Triple Alliance forms with Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy. European US Aug. 31 Triple Entente is formed with France, Russia and Great Britian European Tensions - June 28th, tensions caused by assianation 1917 A-H List of demands- July 23, that Serbia admits to assasiantaion assassination, June 28th, Archduke Ferdinand is assassinated while visiting Bosnia Tensions Again- German Blockade A-H war - July 28th, AH declares war on Serbia 1914 -1919 blockade of germay was a restriction of material and food Europe at war - Aug.1 Russia and Germany declare war on each other Enormous Causalties - 37 million causualties Lusitania Sets Sail-had first voyage Sept.7 Lusitania sunk - May 7, Hit by German U-Boat Sussex - March 24, hit by german turpedo Sussex Pledge - May 4, pledge to change Gemrtany's policy Stale mate - Gernany is losing 27,000 soldier a day Press Conference 2, Jan 8, again requested resumption Press Conference,Germany Requested resumptuon of submarine warfare Wilson Neutrality - Aug 4, Wilson claims neutrality for US US Outraged on May 7, Americans turned away from Germany US Informed- on Jan. 9 Germany annoucned unrestriectedwelfare USS Housatonic was the first boat to be sunk bysubmarine one Feb.17 US Broke Relations on Feb. 13 with Germany over submarine warfare Sank Allied Shipping, u-boats sank food on boats Wilson asks to go to war, April 2nd, he asks congress for a decleration against germany US goes to war declares war on Germany December 7 1884
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