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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fashion in Ancient Rome Fashion in Ancient Rome:Fashion then represented your status. The type of fabrics they used were wool, linen, silk or dyeing. Wool was the most commonly used fabric. Silk was rare and expensive, only the rich could afford silk. Silk was imported from China or India. Colors used for dyeing were red, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple. The cheap colours were red, yellow, green and purple. Which were mostly used. The expensive colours were saffron yellow, indigo and purple was for the royal. The romans also wore underwear like the ones we wear. Romans and Greeks also created cosmetics. The romans madeslaves wear loincloths. Most of their jewellery was gold. The romans also had a lot ofinfluences on accessories such as scarfs, belts, shoes, purse and bags. Men's Fashion:Men in ancient rome wore togas or tunics. They got the toga from the Etruscans. They got the tunic from the Greeks. Men wore different types of togas. Such as the toga virilis which was a plain, unembellished made in an off-white colour. Anymale adult wore it. There was also the toga pulla which was a dark toga precisely worn during times of grieving. Tunics were made from linen or wool. Men wore soleaes (sandals) and calcei (shoes). The romans started the style of wearing beard. Men were also allowed to present a single piece of jewellery. Men mostly wore a ring. Some however chose to ignore the rulesand wore multiple rings. Woman's Fashion: Woman wore a tunic or a stola (toga). A stola was made from wool, linen or silk, silk for the wealthy woman. Woman wore a palla, which was a scarf. Sometimes worn around the head. Woman wore caligaes, if you were to see a caligaes now they look like gladiator shoes. They also wore soleaes which was mainly worn around the house. Today you would see them as strappy sandals mostly worn by teen girls. The romanshave made really big influences on fashion. The modern fashion influenced my the romans. Lot's of females have worn such as the accessories, dresses, sandals, etc.
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