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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TM Okay Now Ladies! Yeah! Fashion In the 1920s, multiple fashions trends grew. We didn't have to were corsets anymore, because trying to fit into it was hard enough. 1920s is known as the era of the flapper. So much was done to women's clothing. 1920's was all about the comfort. The dresses were much lighter, because there was less material, and the discovery of new synthetic fabric. The designs of the dresses were more vibrant and had more unique patterns. Evening dresses would be worn with a nice jacket or coat with fur on it. This was the period where young womenwere allowed to express what they felt with their style. All the girls got to wear shorter dresses and show a little more skin.Even though, a lot of people disapproved, younger girls looked the other way. If these girls listen to how the older generation felt about "young girls hiking up their skirt", every girl would still have on those long dresses. Dresses weren't the only thing that changed! Women's undergarments were drastically different too. Different types of bras were introduced. These bras provided better shape and support. Very different from the older style,which was to cover up and make the chest appear more flatten. Not only did girls get change our style of the clothing, women decided to change the look of their hair. Women started to get a shorter haircut, known as "the bob". It was seen on and reintroduced by actress Louise Brooks inthe late 1920s (In Europe). Girls started to wear hats with their new, short hairstyle.
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