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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Presentation.Questions. STCWorking WithMotors. Page 21. Question 5 A. Does it matter how close the magnets are to the armature? Does it matter which poles of the magnets face the armature? Experiment to find as many ways as possible to make the motor turn slowly. Record what you do. Use old battery so it will have less energy, one magnet so it wont turn the armature faster. Swap the wires so the North and South magnets will change the flow. Or flipping the magnets. ~In order for the motor to work you need a source of energy.~You need something to carry the energy to the armature.~To make it spin faster the more batteries the better. Find ways to make the motor change direction. List all the ways you can find. Reflecting On What You've Done. In your notebook, write a paragraph that summarizes what you learned about how a motor works. Describe what you did to make the motor change how fast it spins and what you did to make it change the direction it spins. You may want to include drawings to help explain what you did. Yes because you need two poles South and North to pull each opposite magnet for it to turn. What kind of work do you think a motor like the one you used could do? Describe a way you might use this kind of small electric motor to do some work for you. ~Lift Pulleys.~Turn Fans.~Turn Wheels.~Make the clock's hands move. Read Car Motors on the next page. Think of another system that uses multiple motors. Write a description of what the different motors do. Another system that uses more then one motor would be a vacuum.~One motor could turn the wind sucker which could turn on the pipe.~Another motor could turn the ..thing that moves in the debris into the vacuum's wind pipe. Faraz Hakim.
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