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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 In the 1600-1700 the Stradivariusviolins were madeby Antonio Stradivari. Giuseppe Tartini was one of the many whothe owned the violin. The Lipinski Stradivarius was named after Karol Lipinski and the maker Antonio Stradivari . And he was another owner of this rare violin too. Elaine Schmidt got to hold the instrumentin 2013. She also had it when she was interviewingFrank Almond. Later on , Frank Almond got to keep the violin in 2014. Later on that year, he was performing in Wisconsin and after the performed he got robbed. 1600-1700 2014 2014 2013 . 1790-1861 In the article "Famous Violin stolen after a concert in Wisconsin" is about a rare violin that was 300 years old. This violin was namedafter one of the and the original maker too. This violin is rare because there is only a few left of this kind. 1692-1770 2013 And still today they are still looking. In 2013 the British police recovered a stolen 300-year-old Stradivarius. That violin had been missing for more than two years. Famous Violin stolen after a concert in Wisconsin Summary: One of the really mysterious things about these instruments is that they really maximize our strengths," Almond said. He began playing the Lipinski in 2008. The way it makes sound is not what one would expect. Intresting Facts: Flynn said the violin, called a Stradivarius violin, was worth millions of dollars. To inform the reader aboutthe history that the Stradivarius violin went through.And to tell the audience that there are only a few left in the world. The main idea: A rare violin was stolen: People who are in Orchestra or the people who like mysterys will like this article. People who would like this article: By Summer Yang
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