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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fallacies of Emotional Argument Fallacies of Ethical Argument Fallacies of Logical Argument Scare Tactics: Used to stampede legitimate fears into panic and prejudice.Either-or-Choices: Well-intentioned strategies to get something accomplished. Sentimental Appeals: Use tender emotions excessively to distract readers from facts.Bandwagon Appeal: Urge people to follow the same path everyone else is taking. False Authority: When writers offer themselves or other authorities as sufficient warrant for believing a claim. Ex. X is true because I say so. What I say must be true.Dogmatism: Fallacy of a character that undermines the trust that must exist between those who make and listen to arguments. Ex. "Islam is nothing but a religion of violence."Ad Hominem Arguments: Attack the character of the person rather than the claims that they make. Ex. "How can you argue your case for vegetarianism when you are enjoying a steak?"Stack the Deck: When they show only one side of the story-the one in their favor. Ex. "When you tell your teacher that you are responsible for the whole project." Examples:Hasty Generalization: Fred, the Australian, stole my wallet. So, all Australians are thieves. Faulty Causality: A black cat crossed Patty's path yesterday and, sure enough, she was in a car accident the same afternoon.Begging the Question: "You cant give me a C in this course...Im and A student...A students don't get C's."Equivocation: "1 is a number and 2 is a number, so 1 is 2."Non-Sequitur: "I'm poor and unhappy. People who are rich are healthy."Straw Man: Son: "Can we get a dog?" Mom: "No." Son: " Why not? It will protect us." Mom: " No." Son:" Why are you leaving me and the house unprotected?"Red Herring: "I'm pretty sure that evolution is a bad explanation for human life. Anyway, I'm pretty offended that anyone would suggest that I came from a monkey."Faulty Analogy: People who cannot go without their coffee every morning are no better than alcoholics.
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