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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Dogmatis m:~asserts or assumes that a particular position is the only one that is acceptabl e.~fallacy to character that undermin esthe trust that must exist between those who make and listen to argument s. Fallacies of Emotional Argument Fallacies of Ethical Argument Either-or choices: ~Simplify arguments by reducing it two options ~well intended strategies to get something accomplished Bandwago nappeals:~use people to follow the same patheveryone else is taking.~biased or influenced thinking Fallacies of Logical Argument Hasty generalization: an inference drawn from insufficient evidence. Sweeping claims of little merit. Fallacies of Argument Scare tactics: ~used to legitimate fears into panic or prejudice Slippery slope:~portrays today's tinymissteps as tomorrow'sslide intodisaster relief.~considered ascare tactic Ad hominem: attack the character of a person rather than the claims he or she makes: destroying the credibility of your opponents. Faulty casualty: ~the faulty assumption that because one event or action follows another, the first causes the second. Equivocation:~half truthsor arguments that give lies an honest appearance- usually basedon tricksof language. Non sequitur:~an argument whose claims,reasons orwarrants don't connect logically Straw man:~attacking anargument thatIsn't really there,often a weakeror more extremeone than the opponent isactually making. tap and hold to change this title text! by: Olivia Jansen
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