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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fallacies are arguments flawed by their very nature. Fallacies Fallacies of Emotional Argument of Logical Argument Scare Tactics Slippery Slope Bandwagon Appeals 2001-2005 Jillian Renner Bandwagon Appeals urge people to follow the same path everyone else is taking. "People died of cancer before cigarettes were invented." "Smoking doesn't cause cancer." Inference drawn from insufficient evidence Assumption that because one even led to another, the first caused the second Assuming a claim is true. Claims, reasons, or warrants that don't connect logically. Fallacies Scare Tactics exaggerate possible dangers. Slippery Slope is when a writer exaggerates the consequences of an action to frighten readers. Overly sentimental appeals use tender emotions to distract readers from facts. Either or choices reduce a complicated issue to excessively simple terms. of Ethical Argument 1.) Hasty Generalization 2.) Faulty Casualty 3.) Begging the Question 4.) Non Sequitur (Which would you rather see live?) 👧🏼 🐁 "Research saves lives." (Appeals to False authority) Showing one side of an argument. (Stacking the Deck) Assuming only one right position. (Dogmatism) Attacking character rather than claims. (Ad Hominem) 2= a number 3= a number2= 3 "My math teacher said that, so I know it's true." "She just doesn't seem very trustworthy..." HOW TO AVOID THEM 1.) Pretend to argue against your self.2.) List evidence for each point.3.) Fairly characterize other arguments. ⚠️ ⚠️ Water is bad...-100% of people exposed to water die.-Water is the leadingcause of drowning -100% of killers and rapists have admitted to drinking water. 💧 "I'm sorry, but I think penguins are sea creatures, and that's that..." "If we allow gay marriage, then soon people will try to marry animals." 5.) Equivocation Concealing part of the truth and misleading. "Giving money to charity is the right thing to do, so charities have the right to our money."
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