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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fall 2015 Course Request PC upgrades/ server migration March 24th - March 31st Leander ISD will be using Google Apps for Educationas the collaboration tool for teachers and students.Training is available online in the EduCafeand through the campus technologist, librarian, or district trainer throughout the year. Seniors with schedule conflicts must discuss options with their advisor. Go over any red Xs on your DARS with your advisor and determine how you will completethem by graduation. SENIORS JUNIORS Juniors must apply for your degree on Hokie SPA. This triggers a DARS report and puts your name on the commencement list for the term you select. Review all red Xs in your meeting with your advisor and discuss any concerns or questions about your DARS. Use the What if DARS feature in Hokie SPA or the Evaluate Plan feature in your Pathways Planner to see where you stand related to graduation requirements. HOWEVER, pending requirement changes for the classes of 2017 and 2018 will not be reflected at this time. FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES See your general student information on Hokie SPA if you are unsure of your assigned advisor Sign up for an appointment on your advisors door Print your major checksheet and check-off all courses you have completed or run a DARS Request classes in Hokie SPA using COURSEREQUEST and fine-tune after your advisor meeting. Draft your fall 2015 courses on a Registration Worksheet or in your Pathways Planner Please note Finalize your fall course request by March 31st Drop/add will open April 18th & close May 15th
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