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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Who revolted? French Revolution vs. Haitian Revolution France Why did they revolt? How did they organize? How did the people overthrow the government? How did the government respond? How was the government the same or different following the revoltuion? The slaves revolted Food prices were to high.The poor people/ thirdestate had no representation. The Third Estate revolted Haiti wanted human rights and to diminish slavery. The French relied on violence to overthrow their government, and eventually fell in to the Reign ofTerror France organized through the Estates General assembly and the Third Estate created the Tennis Court Oath Haitian slaves began to meet and discuss plans. Later Toussaint had led those who joined him. The slaves were extremely angry with theslave owners, and went up against one of the most powerful forces, and stillwon. They organized, used the French Revolution as an example, and fought hard. The royal family attempted escapingto Austria, unsuccessfully. Then later being executed Many of the U.S. political leaders first reacted negatively, but later started to provide help to Toussaint's forces Haiti had human rights after the revolution, and had completely gotten rid of slavery, exactly what they wanted to do. France's government went from a monarchy to a dictatorship after the revolution, under Napoleon's rule. Napoleon became the first consul,improved the schools, and thetax codes.
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