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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fahrenheit 451 Analysis With a futuristic setting, Fahrenheit 451begins with Guy Montag and other firemen setting fires to houses that contain books. The people of the society are brain washed and don't think for themselves. When Montagemeets his new neighbor, Clarisse, he begins to question society. When his curiosity gets to far, he finds himself in trouble and turns to a professor named Faber for help. In the mists being searched for because of his crime of stealing books and being arrogant, the city is blown up and Montag survives. He decides to put the knowledge he has gained into good use by starting a new civilization with a better way of life. Plot Summary Montag: Clarisse: Mildred:Beatty:Faber:Granger:Stonemanand Black: A hobo intellectual who Montag encounters. He is well educatedand socially different becuase of his view on humans. The captain of the fire department A retired English Proferssorwhom Montag met in the park. Firemen coworkers of Montag whofit in with society. Montag's neighbor who is an "outcast" from society. Sheaddresses the ignoranceof the world to Montag. He is a fireman who begins questioning his happiness and the ignorance of the world he lives in. He starts revealing his true,inner self. Characters Montag's ignorant wife who is consumedby society and especially, the parlor walls. Censorship &Ignorance of Knowledge Chronology of Events Montag meets Clarisse Clarisse dies Montag startsquestioning books The firemen cometo burn his house Mildred pulls thealarm on Montag Montag steals a book from a house Mildred overdoseson her medication Montag runs fromthe government The city is destroyed fromthe government bombs and Montagis safe Montag gets awayfrom the firemen
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