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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fahrenheit 451 Mildred tries to commit suicide and Montag calls in the emergency. Montag asks Beatty if firemen used to put out fires Beatty shows him the rule book saying otherwise. Montag meets Clarisse, after his shift in the fire station. Montag decides he is not happy with life after Clarisse asks him if he is. Stays home from work saying he is sick, captain Beatty comes to visit. Mildred feels the book under Montags pillow.Shows Mildred the collection of books and makes her read them with him. Montag goes to work the next day and feels threatened by the mechanical hound. Montag calls Faber, he takes his Bible and heads over to Fabers house. Faber and Montag plot to print books and plant them in firemens houses. Montage goes home and reads poetry to Mildred and her friends. Mildred calls in the report to the firehouseMontag burns his home, Beatty, and Mechanical Hound Montag plants a book in the firemen's house. Montag goes to set an woman's house on fire and is shaken when he witnesses her death. He takes a book home. He learns of Clarisse's death. Heads for the river with Faber's old clothes and whiskey.Montag meets the Book People. The city gets bombed. Montag is the main character. When he meets Clarisse, he begins to question society. He develops a fascination for books and creates a plan to revive them. Makes an impact in Montag's life. She is characterized as anti-social.She questions society and is very observant. She dies early on in the book. Beatty is the captain of the fire house. He says that books are bad, but often contradicts himself. Once English professor and book lover. He devises a plan with Montag to help introduce books back into society. Mildred is Montag's wife. She conforms to society. She is distant and does not realize her unhappiness. She does not understand Montag. Mrs. Phelps is very similar to Mildred. She breaks down crying when Montag reads poetry to Mildred's friends. Stonemen is a fireman along with Montag. He shares contempt for books with the rest of society. The two themes of Fahrenheit 451 are ignorance of knowledge and censorship. The theme censorship can relate to today because many books are banned due to people taking offense to the authors writing. Books are also edited to be less offensive to people. Ignorance of knowledge can also relate because of how obtainable new information and knowledge is in our society, but many people choose to ignore or not take advantage of the sources.
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