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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Facts About Prescription Drugs Top 10 Prescription Drug That People AbusedOpana Oxymorphone.Oxycodone Laudanum Tincture of Opium.Adderall mixed amphetamine saltsNarcotic Syrups Codeine and Hydrocodone Desoxyn Methamphetamine Xanax alprazolamDilaudid hydromorphoneSeroquel QuetiapineAmbien Zolpidem Prescription Drugs Affects Your NeurotransmittersYour Neurons communicate with each other by using chemical messages which is call neurotransmitters. One drug that affects your neurotransmitters are sleeping pills which the GABA can send messages to your bodywhich it slows down your body andmakes you feel drowsy.Male and Females that take Prescription drugs Females takes Prescription drug more than males.The percentage on females taking prescription drugs 22.8% between the age of 40-59 which is the highest.A male percentage taking prescription drugs 9.4 for a 60 and over male.The Affects people get from taking too many prescription drugs are:-People get a kidney damage and liver damage from overdosing prescription drugs-Faint,coma ,and hallucinate-Most importantly people have a heart failure.-If you combined any prescription drugs with any type of drugs it can affects your respirationand lower your rate which can be fatal.Can people be at risk dying from prescription drugs? Yes,People can get an risk of dying from Prescription drugsIn the US its 20% of people dying from prescription drugs.Overdosing yourself is another way from dying from prescription drugs.37,485 people are dying and overdosing from prescription drugs 36,284 people take there prescription and are from dying from car accidents.
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