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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FACTS-INATION Whether or not schools should require children to be vaccinated is a controversial issue in society. Others say that all children who attend public school should be vaccinated. According to, one of the best ways to protect your child is to make sure they have all of their vaccinations. This not only protects your child, but helps prevent the spread of disease to family and loved ones. When parents don't vaccinate their children, they increase the risk for people in the population who can't vaccinate. Therefore, schools should require kids be vaccinated to attend school. Having stated the facts, schools should require all children be vaccinated because feared diseases, like smallpox, have been eradicated, and vaccinations help prevent disease from spreading. Some people say that children shouldn't be vaccinated in order to attend school. According to, vaccination does not always mean immunization. Weakened virus are injected into your body, and your body is supposed to create the appropriate immune defense. Some studies show that vaccines only boost human immune systems temporarily. The human body can also build natural immunity thanks to "improved habits of hygiene, sanitation, and nutrition, which raised our natural immunity. Accordingly, schools should not require children to be vaccinated to attend school. Another proposed solution is to let the parents decide what is best for the child. According to thepeopleschemist, parents shouldn't fall for vaccinations, and should continue to use vaccine exception forms to legally avoid them. Parents already have a choice, and very little disease epidemics have come from it. Therefore, parents should have a choice on whether or not their child is vaccinated.
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