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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Practices of the 4 steps 3 Statistics of Food Borne Illness 4 STEPS TO FOOD SAFETY People Most prone to foodborne illnesses The response of the government during outbreaks is: the national network of public health sends officials to investigate the outbreak then provide assistance then create tools to help fight the outbreak and prevent others from catching the outbreak 1) CLEAN-Wash hands and surfaces2) SEPARATE-Separate raw meats from other foods3) COOK- Cook to the right temperature4) CHILL- Refridgerate foods promptly The importance of the 4 steps How the government informs the public 1) If you dont properly sanitize bacteria can spread through thye kitchen and onto cuttting boards, utensils, counter tops and the very food your cooking 2) It's important to sperate raw foods because cross contamination can occur meaning bacteria can move from one item to another.3) The importence of cooking to the right temperature is because when it reaches a high temperature it kills the bacteria that can cause illness.4) Chlling food is important because cold temperates slow down the bacteria from growing, the cold air helps to keep your food safe. 4 steps of fighting Bacteria 1) Some practices of being clean is washing hands with warm water for 20 seconds before you cook and after touching anything that yournot supposed to and also use paper towels to clean kitchen surfaces . 2) A couple practices of separate is separate raw meats,vegetables, seafood and eggs from each other in your grocery bag, and in the refrigerator also never place cooked food on a surface that previously had raw food on it.3) For cook you can use a food thermometer to make sure foods have reached their internal temperatures, and also cook ground meat or ground poultry until it reaches is safe internal temperature.4) For chill, get rid of refriderated items on a timely basis and never thaw food at room temperature instead use the refridgerator or cold water or even the microwave People most prone to food borne illnesses are:1) Pregnant Women2) Children under 53) Older Adults4) People with auto immune diseases5) Cancer Patients 1)CLEAN2)SEPERATE3)COOK4)CHILL Food Borne Illness 4 STEPS TO SAFETY CONTINUED 1) CDC estimates 1 in 6 Americans get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized 3,000 die from the food borne illnesses. 2) To prevent foodborne illnesses the cdc documents trends among food illness such as whats inceasing and decreasing to help prevent and monitor how we're doing in reducing foodborne illness.3) 2011 estimates are the first accurate estimates since 1999 and the first ever to estimate illnesses caused by certain foods eaten in the U.S. Once finding out what the contaminted food is the government will take control and decide what to do about it. Then the government will inform the public about the precautions they can take to keep themselves safe and advise all medical about how to treat it and prevent simillar problems.
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