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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FACEBOOK Private v. Public Open to everyone Everyone can collect information from your profile. Possible future employers can choose not to hire you on account of your online presenceAnd reputation. Freedom Privacy Only your friends and familycan see what you are up to. Status:Unemployed Stalker? All your relationships with friends and family are open to the public. People can follow your life That's Personal Freedom of speech and expression is very important. Facebook allowsyou to express what's on yourmind. Private settings allow you to express your opinion without worryingabout the public to interpret your opinion out of context. Strangers can know all the intimate details about your life. You're Boss is on Facebook too... One in 890 million I deleted that... People nowadays are spending more and more time online. This notonly leads to problems with time management butalso the person's social skills. Relationships with friends, family and petscan also deteriorate on account of Social Media. Users With 890 million daily users and 83 million fake accounts you don't know who is out there and what kind of person they are. Privacy settings allow you to communicate with a small community ofpeople that you get to choose. Everything you post is kept on record, even ifyou deleted it. Everything you post on the internet, stays on the internet, even though you may havedeleted it off your account. 890 million daily users You The internet will know where you live, where you work, who your family are and all your personal details you put online. Time Consumption People are spending more online than with their pets. My opinion is.... Hey Look! Facebook has increased the amount of wordsin their privacy statement from 1 004 to 5 830 . All these words allow Facebook to use and/or sell your personal information to advertising companies from around the world
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