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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Isabelle Dinoire's First First Woman to recieve a face transplant It is a transfer of facial Tissue from a deceasedhuman donor to a patientwith a severe facial deformity,is a reconstructive procedurethat has the potential to significantly improve the livesof patients with severe facialInjuries What is a Facial Transplant? -Regain lost senses like touch and smell. (Sightmay not be possible in most cases) - The patient willnot look like the donorthe underlying bone inoriginal face will havesome say on the looks of the patient.- Movement can be restoredto the face. Pros - There is a risk of bleedingand infections- There is possibilityof blood clot in the reattached blood vesselsand lack of blood supplycan kill the tissues- Loss of their immune systemstrength which causes themto more likely develop a kidney disease, cancer and/ or diabetes ( this is caused byimmunosuppressants)- Also an ethical issue of donor'sfamily agreeing to turn off life supportmachines while the person is technicallyalive. The beginning Process -Patient is examined for physical and mentalreadiness- If the patient passesthen they are placed on the donor waiting list and the organbank will look for a face that matches the same tissues Requirements include: Same age and blood type.- After donor is found thebody is transported to the hospital and the patientmust stay within a 12 hour travel radius of the hospital -Central are of the face is reconstructed since itis the most difficult forplastic surgery to change. The Surgery Cons Face Transplants
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