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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 - Go to 'Edit' in the related Task- Click on the drop down next to "Related to" and select "Opportunity"- Click on the magnifying lens- Select the oppty you have created due to this task.To confirm that this has been assigned correctly you will now see the oppty name in the 'Related to' section Remember... - On home screen in SFDC - Scroll to find "My Task Tab" - Be sure to view "open all" LOCATE TASKS SELECT TASK CALL CONTACT ASSIGN OPPTY TO TASK WHEN OPPTY EXIST Update the 'Status' with the relevant disposition: Not started: No call made In Progress: Call made but no answer Completed: Talked to account and call completed (no opportunity or opportunity) Deferred: Talked to account and requested to call back later (Create a follow-up Task) Waiting on someone else: NOT to be selected - Create Opportunity as per usual process- Flag the 'Marketing Program' as "RTC-Ignite" (Found under Additional Information) - View account details by selecting the account name - Select individual task by clicking on Subject:RTC-Ignite-APJC-FY15Q3 -EN06:Intelligent Branch * Here you will find contact and account details required for the call out * Review comments section | Pre-Ignite customer touch Information will be here Only call accounts with tasks alignedEnsure to flag the opportunity created under marketing programs with RTC-IgniteDO create the opportunity within the stipulated Ignite callout weekAssign the opportunity created to the relevant taskUpdate the tasks with the relevant status (as listed above)For more information or if you need help, please contact: Danielle Peate (dpeate) SFDC PROCESS Remember... SFDC PROCESS
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