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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 by: Reagan Morrison, Aliah Delgado, Dylan Sharp and Darius Bennett Edward Fitzgerald(1853-1931) Mary Fitzgerald (McQuillan)(1860-1936 Cecelia Ashton Fitzgerald (Scott)(1832-1942) Micheal Fitzgerald(1825-1855) Louisa McQuillan(Allen)(?-1913) Phillip Francis McQuillan(1834-1877) -Had two brothers and one sister-daughter of wealthy grocers -Had four brothers and two sisters-southern salesman Louisa Fitzgerald(1892-1896) Mary Ashton Fitzgerald(1893-1895) Girl Fitzgerald(1900) Annabel Fitzgerald(1901-1987) Zelda Fitzgerald (Sayre)(1900-1948) Frances Fitzgerald(1921-1986) Family History/Genealogy Born in St. Paul, MN. -Later dropped out of Princeton University to join the U.S. Army. -First successful novel was "This Side of Me".-His third book "TheGreat Gatsby" is highly regarded-Later he moved to Pariswith his wife Zelda where -Became an alcoholic -While in Paris, he struggled to make enough money to keep up with his extravagantlifestyle-In the process of writing "The Last Tycoon", he diedof a heart attack, and the book was only a third of theway finished -She was a hometown icon-Often times she would hang with the boys and smokecigarettes-Was considered the firstflapper-Cheated on her husband with a navel sailor -Zelda was jealous of herhusband's success-He drove her crazy tothe point of being admitted to insane asylums-Died in a fire in 1948 Passed away shortlybefore her brother F Scott Fitzgeraldwas born Passed away shortly before her brother F Schott Fitzgerald was born They named their daughter "girl" because she died at birth. info on annebl -Married and divorced twice-Her first husband committedsuicide at age 27-Has four children with her first husband-Journalist-Wrote musical comedies about the Washingtonsocial scene -F. Scott Fitzgerald's second cousin twice removed on his father's side-Fitzgerald was named after him-Wrote the Star Spangled Banner. -Bombs by British Royal Navy-Fort McHenry-War of 1812 Frances Scott Key F. Scott Fitzgerald(1896-1940)
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