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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Data is from Fiscal Year 2011/12 and was taken from the Delta Collection and Reporting (DCR) system that is maintained by the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS). HOMELESSNESS 24% of people reaching 1 year of service reported one arrest or more in the year before admission. During the 1st year of partnership, only 4.6% reported having one of more arrests. Successful Completion of Goals upon Discharge 2. Children 51% CHILDREN More than half of those who were homelessat admission were no longer homeless at discharge. Full Service Partnerships served 35,110 people in Fiscal Year 2011/12 Statewide Full Service Partnership (FSP) Outcomes Most Common Issues 49% Academic Grades 42% School Attendance 30% Special Education TAY, Adults,and Older Adults 52% Substance Abuse 41% Emergency Events Related to Mental Health or Substance Abuse TAY 27% ADULTS 28% OLDER ADULTS 35% Older Adults had the greatest success rate with62% moving from being homeless or in an emergency shelter to a better living situationat discharge. 1. Work was completed by MHSOAC contractor Mental Health Data Alliance in June 2014 CRIMINAL JUSTICE Incarceration Statewide, 24% of Transition Age Youth (TAY) reaching 1 year of service reported an incarceration in the year before admission. During the first of partnership, this was reduced to 19%. Health Care: Access to Primary Care Physician Over 90% of Children and Older Adults had a Primary Care Physician at discharge Arrests
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