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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 NCR FY 2013-FY 2015: Retail (Fixed Price) Method of Sale Analysis GSA NCR FAS PPMD Proceeds FY 13 Retail Sales:FY 14 Retail Sales:FY 15* Retail Sales: description here FY 2013 FY 2014 872 $139,648 42.9% 17.1% $814,712 2015 $215,053 26.5% 7.8% $2,749,270 3954 $250,640 29.1% 8.4% $2,973,477 Retail Sales compose 42.9% of line items sold, but account for only 17.1% of proceeds # of Lines Proceeds % of Total Lines % of Total Proceeds Total Proceeds FY 2015(thru Jan.) Opportunity Cost Retail Sales 0 1000000 2000000 3000000 FY 13 FY 14 FY 15 (Thru Jan.) FY 15 Target Revenue GSA Auctions Total Proceeds Retail Sales:GSA Auctions: Proceeds per Line Item $250,640$215,053$139,648 $160.15$581.95 NCR FY15 A primary purpose of the Retail Sale Method is to accelerate the disposal of 'hard to sell' items (secondary market).The Retail Method of Sale limits disposal options to certain authorized property categories. primarily ADPE and Furniture.GSA has developed a small, but loyal, customer-base in the Springfield area that prefers on-site Retail Sales to GSA Auctions. NCR Retail Sales By the Numbers: Methods Report for FY 2013 - 2015 *FY15 data reflects sales numbers through January**The Methods Reports contain information about proceeds, but not revenue Key Considerations Key Considerations Key Questions Key Questions Revenue: Would selling ADPE and furniture on GSA Auctions generate a higher rate of return?Cycle Time: What percentage of Retail Sales items do not receive bids, and what effect does this have on cycle time?(Approx. 15% of items on GSA Auctions receive zero bids -NCR FY15). Customer Service: Would the existing Retail Sale customer-base be willing to patronize other GSA Methods of Sale? Are the current sales methods being used reaching the optimal market for the property and maximizing the governments return? NCR FY15 Opportunity Cost Retail Sales compose 42.9% of line items sold, but account for only 17.1% of proceeds Proceeds per line item GSA Auctions: Retail Sales: $160.15 $581.95
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