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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Community look like? What Does Our IICS How diverse of a community ARE we? IICS has students and staff from many different places. Our diversity and our internationalism connects us. February 10th Where do we live? 25% 3 other How do we get to school? >1% 27% 20% 3% 2% Africa 1Asia 112Australia/Oceania 9Europe 259N. America 152S. America 14 Near Marmara 32%Uptown 26%North Shore 18%Kemer 12%Downtown 5%Asian Side 4%Airport Area 2% 75% # of Students by Continent: 47% 2.5Years 3Years 2Years 3+Years 1-2Years countries We are from ALL OVER THE PLACE. Besides our nationalities, we have each lived in at least (on average) AtakoyFloryaYesilkoy Alkent 2000BahcesehirBuyukcekmeceCorlu Arnavutkoy/ Bebek/ Etiler/ LeventOrtakoy/ Rumeli Hisar/ Ulus EmirganIstinyeTarabyaYenikoyZekeriyakoy BeyogluNisantasiSisliTaksim Kavacik Office Hours Parks & Recreations Office 1700 W. Victoria Ave For more information: LindaSánchez.House.Gov Rep. Linda Sánchez Office of Congresswoman Linda Sanchez (562) 860-5050 1 (562) 860-5050 Need help with a Federal agency? Veterans Affairs Medicare Social Security IRS Passports We can help with: 4pm to 6pm