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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Food Insecurity problems the surrounding what is it? Lack of Federal Food Security Policy Social Exclusion Downstream short term remediesvs.Upststream long term solutions and numerous more... Poverty PUT INFO what causes it? Current Food Security Health Promotion the facts In Canada, an organization called Planted is working hard to promote food security through their planted projects. Locally based food systems are put into place to foster greater community reliance, offset food costsand increase accessiblity to residents. (Planted: A community food network, 2014) AVAILABILITY ACCESS FOOD USE The 3 pillars of Food Security is the process by which people are unable to obtain an adequate amount of nutritious food to sustain a healthy, active lifestyle (WHO, 2014). The Determinants CFS focus on What about Food Banks? 1.6 million Canadians are food insecure (FSC Canada, 2014)Which means...1 in 10 households are experiencingfood insecurity today. Food Banks were implemented as a stop gap measure. They were meant to fill a temporary need during an economic crisis in the 1980's.Food Banks are no longer charitable. They have become incorporated entities, and the majority of their food comes from large corporate donations. Only of food insecure households utilized food banks in Canada this year Food Banks cannot offer protective strategies, only short term alleviation of suffering Food Banks have been unable to make any lasting changeto Household Food Insecurity numbers. (Food Banks Canada, 2014) 841, 191 Canadians visit a food bank every month. 20% Community Food Systems combat these problems with a more holistic approach. Community Food Systems (CFS) the economic, environmental, and social aspects of food insecurity. FOOD INSECURITY
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