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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tomato Nopal Maize Agave Avocado Bean Cacao Chilies Tomato Maize Bean Chili Persea americana Cacao What Mexican endemicspecies are preserved inseed banks? What other plantgenetic resources arestored in seed banks? Propagule: material that is used for thepurpose of propagating an organism to thenext stage in their life cycle. These canrefer bacteria, viruses, fungi, or protists.They be contained within host material. Any plant material used for the purpose ofplant propagation. Roots: for plants who reproduces inasexual way. Designed by Mobile-Solutions 2013 From these species, whichones are used in traditionalagriculture? What other plant geneticresources have been usedto secure food production? Protected areas, genetics reserves What other countrieshave developed newstrategies to securefood production? Norway Spain Great Britain What are the governmentalentities involved into thedevelopment of suchstrategies? Consultative Group onInternational AgriculturalResearch (Norway) (CGIAR)National Research Institute forAgriculture and Food Technology(Spain) (NRIAFT)Department for Environment,Food & Rural Affairs (Great Britain) (DEFRA) What could be the effects ofthis specific strategy aroundthe world? Biologically it can consErvate the originalspecies and help species to not extinct, wemodify the plans in order to make them better than previous plant.Economical benefits from selling seeds.Socially, it helps all the seed to be availablefor the population. Either way it can help tostudy the seeds. What are the ethical implicationsof the genetic management andenhancement of maize andwheat in Mexico? There may be disadvantages about GMOFoods , as the lack of a long -term negative aspectsthat can affect humans factors , but still,human ethics can not interfere in ScientificResearch , " Not researching can beunethical " Food security and genetic resources Germoplams Bank Seeds Agriculture What Mexican plant species, alreadypreserved in seed banks and currentlyused for food production, could overcomepresent and future climate changechallenges? Species like bean,maize and tomato cant survive to the diverse factors of climate change,so they can only do it in greenhouses, or if youmodify genetically these species in order to makethem more strong than previous species. Since the planet is fancing drastic climatic changes, survival of the plants will become garder What could be an agroecologicalalternative to this strategy in Mexicoand which plant genetic resourceswould you propose to implement asustainable food production inMexico? Investigate and make researches in what period of theyear the plants can grown without climate damage (rain,snow) and get more product, use the Banks seeds to findthe best option of which type of plant can survive in selected environment. Important aspects Origan harvest Endemic organization Presicion agriculture Ethical aspects Sagarpa has the mission of helpproducers to increase their productionfor the sake of all mexicans Masagro plan to innovate and promote hybrits plants in agriculture Choose two types of endemic maize in any seed bank in mexico. for example the variety "teocincle" and the "white" maize Teocincle: variety who can bear moist climates White maize: this variety is the most commont to consumed and have high production per area Use the teocincle to be the male one and white the female one Put a bag in the flower each plant, when the female one is ready to reproduce, remove the bags Put the bag of the male ones and put on the flower of the females. the pollen in the bag will fill all the stigmas of the maize When you get the corns, the seeds will be hybrits To promoted this tecnique is usefull talks and demostrations to locals farmes who cant affort expensive seeds or farmers who want to produce their hybrits seeds and sells. 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