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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Here is a balance overview on how Food Not Bombs' arrests are justified but not justified. Most information is based off of responses from a survey located on Food Not Bombs' Arrests Justified VS. Unjustified Food Not Bombs' is an organzation that protests against war-spending by sharing food with the hungry in publicareas. After the passing of city ordinances restricting certain aspects of feedings, chapters from all over the nation have dealt with legal issues. FNB have faced problems with law enforcement since the 80s. The Orlando, Fla. chapter is one out of many who have been arrested on multiple occasions. According to Law According to Morals "Food is a Right and Not a Privilege" All humans should have access food despite financial status/social status. Food is a natural human necessity. There should be no need for a permitor permission to feed another humanbeing. Hunger activists like FNB are taking on the responsiblity ofwhat the city should be doing. The city/government should notinterfer with how someone choosesto serve the hungry especially sincethey are using their own money,resources and quality time. City permits ensure the safety and management of liter in a public area. Bureaucrats fear the sanitation, condition and nutritional aspect of the food being shared. In cities like Las Vegas, local governments believe public food-sharing with the homeless/hungry ruins the efforts to "beautify" downtowns and public areas. City Food-sharing ordinancesmonitors large group feedingsin a public areas in order toavoid disruption and obstruction. Infographic credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit:
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