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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Recomendations for PC upgrades/ server migration FM communication progressively lessens over the course of the year The program is not structured to benefit students or to be easy for RAs to use FM program was not very relevant to the student experience in the residence halls FMs are not interested in the program FM programming in their communities was not very successful Setting up interactions between their community and FM was not easy to arrange From Senior RA group interview and the open-ended survey: Recommendations from Report Provide opportunities for Faculty and students to interact outside the classroom Increase Faculty presence and role modeling in the residence halls To increase personalization of the residence halls, and ultimately the University community, leading to higher student retention, satisfaction, and academic success Based on Recommendations, Goals and Guidance Changes Current Faculty Mentor Program Goals Provide a seamless transition between the classroom and the residence hall environment Faculty Mentor Program Results from Faculty Mentor assessment conducted by Aaron Voyles in Fall 2014 Original Goals of Faculty Mentor Program (2011) In the closed assessment, RAs felt that: SRAs were somewhere between satisfied and not verysatisfied with the program More concise and additional opportunities for Faculty Training Additional RA training with troubleshooting and specific program examples and resources More consistent and published reporting of progress of both RAs and Mentors to increase accountability Publicize FM position better to SRAs and clarify expectations Increase involvement and participation of HCs in Faculty mentor training and program process 2015-2016 To provide an open community within the residence halls for faculty participation with students To increase interaction between new students and faculty To improve new students understanding ofthe academys values and of the facultys role in supporting students development as intellectuals and professionals To improve faculty members understanding of students lived experience in the university and the residence halls Varied opportunities for Faculty to be involved. Not only as a mentor, but for 1-2 programs per semester/year if too busy for program. Changes Monthly progress reports from RAs and FMs Training and clarified expectations regarding monthly reporting at FM/RA/HC training Monthly followup from AM/PM from reports Meetings with upper division staff and Deans/Department chairs to encourage and recruit more faculty Remove current program requirements and have 1 program per semester + list of activities and traditions important to specific hall/community Provide several orientation sessions for FMs and involve RAs and HCs in presenting at sessions. Also provide online FM training. 3-5 FMs per residence hall instead of 1 Faculty Mentor per RA Include FM commitment and responsibilities in AM, HC and SRA work agreements made on
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