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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ForwardLookingInfrared Technology FLIR 4th Amendment when infrared cameraswere implementedat Pasadena PoliceDepartment, arrestshave increased by The right of the people to be securein their persons, houses, papers, andeffects, against unreasonable searchesand seizures, shall not be violated, andno warrants shall issue, but upon probablecause, supported by oath or affirmation,and particularly describing the place tobe searched, and the persons or thingsto be seized Since 1990.. What is it used for? What is Forward LookingInfrared Technology? Forward looking infrared camerasuse an innovative technology that sense infrared radiation, which is then relayed to a camera to producean image.The radiation that theinfrared cameras absorb are emmittedby all objects whether theyare living or not, every object sendsoff different levels of radiation waves. 10% -U.S. Constitution Currently, the use of infraredtechnology by police is infringing on fourth amendment rights. NOT Infrared technology has many uses such as in the military,agricultural businesses, food industry, medical field, homes,and police stations. Infrared cameras are predominantlyused in the military and are starting to be utilized in policedepartments. just recieved two unmanned air crafts that are equipped with infraredcameras.Given that the infrared cameras do not need a lightsource the search lights that police officers use will no longerbe needed which results in the officers not having to reveal theirlocation while zeroing in on suspects.The police stations thatare implementing these unmanned air crafts, or drones, know therisks that are involved when using these devices therefore thedepartments are giving extra training to make sure that the air craftsare only used when necessary and are used in a constitutional manner,for the results can be detrimental to the departments credibility. Los Angeles Police Department
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