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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources In the nation awarding degrees to Hispanic students Model United Nation Team in North America Chaplin school and hospitality Tourism Management. Tuition & Fees $23,800 $11,658 FIU Collage of Engineering and computing VISION: Leading urban publicresearch university focused on student learning, innovation,and collaboration. MISION: FloridaInternational University AWARDS 1st 5th 6th Largest computer science program in the U.S We are committed tohigh-quality teaching, state-of-the-art researchand creative activity, and collaborativeengagement with our local and global communities. Costs Global first year Housing Health Insurance Meals Books + Incidentals INVOICE TOTAL $2,200 $6,152 $2,195 $46,005 Requirements by Country Mexico:Baccalaureate Certificate with a 7.0 average or higher FIU has two major campuses: Modesto A. MaidiqueCampus in WestMiami-Dade County. Biscayne Bay Campusin North Miami Beach. Areas of degrees. Collage of art and sciences. Collage of Architecture and the Arts Collage of Business Collage of education Collage of Nursing and health sciences School of Journalism and Mass Communication. SCHOLARSHIPS 4.0 GPA2000 SAT or 30 ACT 4.0 GPA1850 SAT or 28 ACT 4.0 GPAMinimum of 60 transferrable credit hours or an AA degree 50% tuition and fees plus books 75% tuition and fees plus books 100% tuition and fees plus books
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