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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cabri THEME:The moral or lesson in a story, or in this casea song IRONY:The expression of one's meaningby using language that signifiesthe opposite. &TONE:The author's attitude towardsa subject. The mood or emotions you feel. TONE OF MARIAH'S MUSIC:1. We Belong Together- Heartbreaking,hurt2. Looking In- Depressing, intense3. Dreamlover- Desperate, romantic4. Bliss-Affectionate, soothing5. Hero- Encouraging, appreciative6. Betcha Gon' Know- Hurt, angry7. Joyride- Joyride, blissful8. Fantasy- Excited, romantic9. Your Girl- Playful, seductive10. Obsessed- Disinterested, rejectful ARGUMENTATIVE INTRO: 1. Topic- Mariah is the greatest female artist of all time.2.Evidence- Based on Billboard Top 100 records, Mariah sold more albums than any other female artist.3. Commentary- Billboard records can be trusted because they are a huge company and they keep track of the music. 4. Counterpoint- Some people might say that Mariah is a horrible singer but that's all based on their preference and opinion.5. Rebuttal- Due to variable data Mariah can be best proven to be the greatest female artist in history.6. Transitional- Mariah is the greatest artist of all timeand can be known world wide as that. ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY:An argumentative essayis an essay where youstate your topic and proveit with facts. Persuasive Essay:An essay that contains personalbeliefs and opinions and wantingo get the audience on your side. PERUASIVE ESSAY:I believe that Mariah Carey is thebest artist in the whole world. She's soawesome and fabulous. She has many awards and many number 1 hit singles.She is also the best performer. IRONY:1. A marriage counselor getsa divorce. 2. A pilot scared of heights.3. Teacher failing a test.4. A burning firehouse.5. Police being robbed.6. SpongeBob cleaning witha sponge.7. A big dog named tiny.8. Mariah singing horribly. THEMES OF MARIAH'S MUSIC:1. Clown & Obssed: Mariah and Eminem were never inany affair. Eminem is the clown, a joke, and is obsessed.2. Shake It Off: I have to getover you. I know you cheated..3. Triumphant: You may havestarted from the bottom butalways look up and be allthat you are and can be.4. Make It Happen: God isall powerful and he helpsyou be strong,but only youcan make anything happen.5. Its Like That: Forget allyour problems. Your stressmust be left behind. Havefun and enjoy yourself EMESTER double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. " The leading tone in an argumentative essay is the position of proving that the presented point of view is the correct one and possesses more truthful arguments than any other opinions." "To discover a theme, students need to look at the 'under the surface' narrative, which is shown through subtext, subtle details, and events not spoken about." F I R S T
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