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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 GRACIOUS me! double click to change this header text! ARTIFICIAL ACTS OF GRACIOUSNESS goodness double click to change this title text! Evidence: Perfectly positioned objects - Education from young RAT RACE Solution: -Lack of genuine compassion- Solution: NATURAL DOMINANT INSTINCT -Innate survival instinct- Evidence: FREE SPEECH -Users seek to hide behind online annomity- Singapore perceived as an empty shell Focused only on WinnersStanding at the podium CSR & CIP to focus more on general society's welfare Appears staged Evidence: Shell-Medal-Cherries- Chicken Eggs- Humans evolved Pork pie-Grapes- from animals Solution: Behavioural & communication training -Less emphasis on non- measurable values- Skull-Scissors- Solution: Improve engagement on existing REACH platform Carnivorous by naturePreys on weak herbivores Communication is deadReduced physical interaction -May hinder goal to build truly inclusive society- Evidence: Evidence: Looking in another direction repressenting less empthay Solution: Social advertisements to Experiential leanring opportunities OF INSUFFICENT ENGAGEMENT WITH ELDERLY DILUTION OF NATIONAL IDENTITY -Possibly due to White Paper Policy- Evidence: Lemons-Lemon Peel-White Tablecloth- Local cultureDilutingWhite paper BALANCE IS KEY Reformed "5Cs" Campaign Solution: Introduce efforts to increase culture integration INEFFECTIVE MORAL EDUCATION APPROACH Evidence: Book with Wooden latch- Trapped information Solution: HERD MENTALITY -Inability to think individually affects moral compass- Evidence: Skull- Clustered Objects- Moral compass Herd mentality ABUSE encourage & engage seniors Compass-
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