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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Franklin D. Roosevelt Franklin D. Rooseveltborn on January 30,1882 in Hudson Valley,NY. His parents wereJames Roosevelt andSara Ann Delano. FDR grew up being an onlychild. BIRTH FDR attended GrotonSchool, an Episcopalboarding school in MA.He was strongly influencedby his headmaster EndicottPeabody, who loved helping the less fortunate. Schooling March 17, 1905, he married Eleanor despite his mothers resistance of the wedding. She did not dislike Elanor, she was very possesive of her son, thinking he was too young to marry. His mother tried to break the engagement several times. Just like all of his 21 classmates except 2, he went to Harvard College. He took econimics coursesin college for four ears and everything I was taught wrong. He became editor-in-chief of The Harvard Crimson daily newspaper. Marrige College His famous quote is, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" - FDR Quote The only Preisdent with three,four year terms. Fun Fact double click to change this title text! His strategy was immediate relief and so far it was working well. He sent congress a number of bills, all which passed easily. Just like Hoover he saw the Depression caused in part by people no longer spending or investing beause of fright. 1st Term During his second term the Supreme Court became his primary focus during his second term. He stunned Congress in early 1937 when he proposed a law to allow him to appoint up to six new justices. In 1933 Adolf Hitler aroused fears of a new world war, Americans wanted to keep out of it. 2nd Term His third term was dominated by World War II. By 1940 re-armament was in high priority. They needed to re-equip the army and the navy. US also had to support Britain, France and China. On December 8th he signed the declaration of war against Japan. Later he declared war against Germany on December 11th. Third Term He was inaugurated March 4. 1933. It was a hard time to be inaugurated because the US was in one of the worst times ever. The US was in the middle of the worst depression in its history. Inaguration His strong relationship with the most popular state made him an obvious caidate for the 1932 Democratic Nomination. He won the election with 57% of the vote and carried all but six states. Election He had affairs outside of his marrige including one with Eleanors social secretary Lucy Mercer. She was hired in early 1914. Eleanor had found letters revealing the affair in his luggage in September 1918. Affairs
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