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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 facebook Last night, I put on my best glad rags and went to the hop down thestreet. They were playing the best jazz, especially Louis Armstrong. Jazz expresses African American culture through the lyrics and rhythm. I just got myself a Model T and let me tell you, it's the bee's knees. I hadno trouble paying for it since the price has dropped because productionhas been sped up by the use of the assembly line. I can't wait to go to the movies tonight! They are a lot better now thatthey have sound. Going to the movies provides great entertainmentat a low cost- only 5 cents! I should go more often... A friend of mine just got himself a well-needed job at a factory buildingFord Model T's. Now that the assembly line is being used, more workersare needed which opens up more job oppurtunities. His is now able tosupport his family because of the assembly line. I don't really like this whole prohibition thing gets me in a lather, notbeing allowed to handle alcohol. This law increases the demand ofalcohol and I know of plenty speakeasies. So it doesn't seem to beworking anyway. My wife was beyond excited when the 19th Amendment was passed,giving women that right to vote. She got all dolled up and went to a swelldinner, some place downtown, with all her friends. My family just got our hands on a radio, I love being able to listen tosports while writing. You don't have to spend a clam to go to a game! I love getting the newspaper every morning. It lets me relax before I startwork and I get all the latest news delivered right to me. This way, I getnews quicker and I don't miss out on anything important. F. Scott Fitzgerald F. Scott Fitzgerald NAME BIRTHDATE/PLAC E September 24, 1896St. Paul, Minnesota OCCUPATION Author EDUCATION Princeton University FRIEND S Duke Ellington Louis Armstrong LIKE S Model T. Radio MEN'S DRESS SHOES: $4.85 MEN'S HAT: $3.00 MEN'S DRESS PANTS CAN BE YOURS FOR JUST $2.00 Pictures:,0,214,317_AL_.jpg Information:"F. Scott Fitzgerald." Bio. A&E Television Networks, 2015. Web. 21 Jan. 2015. by: Kameela Douiyssi 6th
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