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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Why YOU Should Join FBLA To develop business leadership Strengthen the confidence instudents in their work andthemselves Encourage scholarships and school loyalty Encourage and practicemoney managment Develop character,preparecitizenship, andfoster patriotism CommunityService Community Service helps the members of FBLA learn about real-world issues,provide experience in planning and organization, build goodwill for chapter,teaches a job well done, builds elder-ship skills, and matches strengthswith community needs. In !937, Hamden L. Forker of Teachers College, Columbia University wanted an nationalorganization for the thousands of business clubs in high schools and colleges.Then in 1940, the National Business Education Association sponsored the organization andcalled the Future Business Leaders of America or FBLA.They started making a experiment chapter at Johnson City, Tennessee in 1942 and thentons of chapters were added after. History Creates an understandingof the Americanbusiness enterprise Nationally215,000 people are in FBLA Membership Super sweeps is a membershiprecognition program. When a chapterenters the program they mustdo 2 required activities and 8 otheractivities. Here are the top 10 for 20141 Nebraska2 Iowa3 Kanas4 Indiana5 Ohio6 Wyoming7 Illinois8 Puerto Rico9 Texas10 Flordia Supersweeps For more information please go to! Houston Hughes Goals
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