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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Website Fashion Trends The good the bad and the ugly. 1950-Red was a very popularcolour. Comment prints included : Plaid Floral & Polka- Dots. Typically men wore long coats that were fitted in the shoulders. 1960-Mens pants became tighter as well as flared at the bottom. Cut-out dresses werepopular too. 1970-The so called "hippie" style originatedduring that time frame.The hemline was all over the place, belts were a must have. Women wore pants more than dresses. 1990-Clothing was generally loose and colourful. Shortswere long and baggy. Mullets lasted a couple of years. 2000-It was mostly describedas a mash up of other eras. During the early2000's, styles from the90's were still relavent. 1950 1960 1980-Browns tans and oranges could be seen often. Bright coloured acsessories were a must have. Nike also becamepopular in the 80's 2000 1990 How has fashion evolved since the 1950's ? 2015 By Justine 1950 %252F%3B448%3B370All photos- Google images
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