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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fashion trends ! Long circle skirts and button-up topswere popular as well as high-waisted shorts and crop tops. Flowy dresses and kitten heels were the trend,because they were easy to dance in. the 90s the 80's the 50's Now began the disco era, funky colors, patterns andeven shapes, pretty sick dude.peace signs were commonplace. the 50s were so boring everybody just exploded into a mess of colour especially sinc everyone and their momwas wearing tie-dye. The 70s, best described as hippie couture, polyesterand denim seemed to be the fabrics of choice, anotherchoice apparently was dressing up like a tennis player even when not playing tennis. Long Rapunzel hair and roller skateswere a popular accessorie, though sideburns were more popular with men,groovy. the 60's the 70's the 80's were different, tosay the least. Brightly coloredtracksuits and mullets were cool,I guess. AS the shirts got shorterthe waist band got higher,and thus began the high waisted shortepidemic. Parachute pants and leg warmerswere popular with young women. The early 90s was the grunge era, choker necklaces, black doc martensand best of all, plaid and lots of it. By the late 90s people were comingback around and starting to incorporate more color into their wardrobe.Grunge was oldhat and everyone bagan to look a lot more glamourous. the 2000s Now, fashion has recycled. were wearing a lot of the same stuff we did in the 50s and 90s, TNA leggings, crop tops and highwaisted shorts, unfortunately the grunge era has come back with full force.hoodies and leggings are the more popular choices for girls now and we'vegotten so lazy we've begun to put our hair in a know on the top of our head,hence the term top knot. source -
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