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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Formative Assessment Research Alliance Winter 2014 Newsletter The Formative Assessment Research Alliance (FARA) completed some key projects in 2014, including the presentation of a formative assessment webinar series and the development of a formative assessmentsystematic evidence review. The final FARA newsletterof 2014 will provide an overview of these projects, apreview of 2015 FARA projects, and a formativeassessment resource for your review.Happy New Year, and thank you for your support! FARA 2014: A Year in Review FARA 2014: A Year in Review FASER Progress In 2014, the Formative Assessment Systematic Evidence Review (FASER) team began searching databases for all articles on the impact of formative assessment that were published between 1988 and 2014. This keyword search was completed in May and yielded over 500 articles on the topic, which are currently being coded.In 2015, coding will be completed and a draft of the final report will be written and submitted for publication. We look forward to sharing these results soon! 2014 FARA Webinar Series FARA Webinar #1 - The Essence of Formative Assessment: Creating a Common Understanding of the Formative Assessment ProcessPresenter: Dr. Susan Brookhart FARA Webinar #2 - Learning Targets That Add Up to Success Presenter: Dr. Susan Brookhart New FARA Projects for 2015 Using the Insturctional Improvement CycleTool with Formative Assessment Strategies Resource The Instructional Improvement Cycle Tool is a REL Central instrument developed for teachers to systematically implement an instructional strategy, generate an effect size from baseline and post-intervention assessment scores, and reflect on the results. In 2015, FARA teachers will be invited to use this tool in their classrooms with formative assessment strategies, and then these FARA teachers will lead a discussion with other FARA members on the process and the results of their strategy implementation.More information on this project will be available soon! A Formative Assessment On-site EventThe Formative Assessment Research Alliance (FARA) is excited to announce that we will be organizing an on-site event in 2015. We anticipate holding the on-site event in Nebraska and look forward to working with you to develop ideas for this event in 2015! The Students at the Center project, with support from Heidi Andrade, created a page of resources that help model formative assessment strategies in the classroom. Please follow the link below to access this resource: FARA Webinar #3 - Formative Assessment Evidence: How to Plan for and Respond to Evidence of LearningPresenter : Dr. Margaret Heritage
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