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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FAQ: Racial and Ethnic Relations 1. Q: What is Race? A: Race is the concept of dividing people into populations or groups on the basis of various sets of physical characteristics; usually coming from genetics. 2. Q: Why do scholars say race is an illusion? A: Scholars say that race is an illusion, because race was instituted recently and is not a product of scientific research or discovery. Many scholars state that they believe the real meaning of race has to do with social realities instead of physical variations in-between people. 3. Q: If race is an illusion, why does racism exist? A: Race was created in order to justify social inequalities as what is natural. The invention of race allows men to hold power over men who are different then them. In order to maintain that power, men started belittling the different. While race is just a social idea, racism is something that is very real. 4. Q: Why are there such striking physical differences - such as skin color and eye shape- between people? A: There is more than likely a variety of genes for skin color and physical features instead of just one. Some scholars propose that physical features have changed while people have evolved. Others propose that physical similarities stay within cultures due to natural selection. 5. Q: How genetically diverse are humans? A: Early studies of human diversity prove that most genetic diversity was found between individuals rather then between populations or continents, 87.6% of the total modern human genetic diversity is made up by the differences between individuals. 6. Q: Is there more genetic variation within "races" as opposed to between "races"? A: There is more genetic variation within "races" as opposed to between "races". Page 1 of 2 Cheyenne SaldañaSociology
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