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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fahrenheit 451 Montag is a fireman who works to burn books that spark thought in peoples minds. He lives in a society where happiness is nonexistent and everybody acts in the sameway. He meets a unique girl named Clarisse whoinspires him to start thinking and questioning his life. Montag sees that he is not happy and starts to do something about it. When Montag gets back home after meeting Clarisse he sees that Mildred, his wife, has tried to commit suicide. The next fireherself voluntarily. During this call he stole one of the books. Eventually Montag talks to a man namedFaber. Faber and Montag devise a plan to bring books back into the society. Montag is found harboring books and hishouse is called to be burned. He then leaves town and meets up with hobos who memorize books. Plot Summary: Character Analysis: Themes: Ignorance of Knowledge Censorship Mildred- Beatty- Chronology of Events: a seventeen year old girl who sees the world for what it really is. She realizes that society is flawed and unhappy and helps Montag relize this also. the fire captain. He has a lot of knowledge about the past and does not want Montag to fall under theinfluence of books. He has been sending theMechanical Hound after Montag. Montag kills him. Clarisse- an old English professor who watched societyturn away from books. He wants things to go backto normal in the world. He tries to help Montag bring books back. Mechanicalhound- Montag's wife. She lives in her own worldabsorbed hy her virtual family and parlorwalls. She attempts suicide in the start of the novel. A "hound" that is trained to hunt and kill people by their DNA. He has a strange relationship with Montag and growls at him. Faber- been to jail several times. He is unlike the rest of society and doesn't follow the norm. He is very knowledgeable about the past. Clarisses's uncle- Montag- the protagonist of the novel. A fireman. He sees thing differently and is interested in books. The novel is relevant to today because it contains similar themes to things going on in the world today. Everything is being modernized,shortened, and edited to not offend people. Society is obsessed with reality TV andtechnology.
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